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Campers will need to be picked up promptly at the specified time of camp or before the end of camp.

A late pick-up fee will apply to any latecomer:

  1.  5 - 15 minutes late – $10.00

  2.  16 - 30 minutes late – $25.00

  3.  30 mins - 1hr late – $50.00


Staff will begin calling parents promptly at pick-up time when students are still at camp passed their pick-up time. If you are late, a counselor will ask you to sign a sheet stating the time you arrived. You will be contacted by the Administrator if payment is required.

Parents/Guardians will be billed and payment must be cleared before the child can return to camp.

If there is an emergency holding you up, please call (424)258-5877  and leave a voicemail if no one is available to pick up your call.

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