What ages can take skateboarding lessons?

The minimum age requirement for skateboarding lessons is three (3) years old.

What should we bring to the skate lessons?

Bring your skateboard, helmet, pads and wrist guards. Make sure your child is wearing comfortable clothing, and a botle of water to stay hydrated. If you don't have any skate equipment, we can rent it out to you. Make sure to let the schedule coordinators know by emailing

Are pads and a helmet required?

A helmet, pads and wrist guards are required to take skateboarding lessons with THE SKATESIDE. Saftey in skateboarding is our number one concern. Having this protective gear can reduce anexiety of falling.

Do I need to buy all the equipment for the skate lessons?

Having personal skateboard equipment is highly suggested, as the student will be more comfortable using their own skateboard and pads. You can purchase equipment directly from us. Here is the link to view our store: We can deliver to you on the firstly of lesson.

What type of skateboard should I buy for my child?

When it comes to buying a beginner skateboard, there isn't a brand that you should start with. You should only not purchase skateboards from WalMart, Toys R Us, Target, and other department stores because those are toys and will not last long. They will also give your child a bad impression in using low quality skateboards.

Where are the lessons located?

The skate lessons are held at various skate parks around Los Angeles. See our locations. Our main hub is Culver City. Email to schedule a lessons at a location near you.

I'm not sure if my child likes skateboarding, do you have single lessons so he can try it out?

As a parent, you know children pick up and drop activities all the time. We offer a (1) time single trial skate lesson to see if skateboarding is something your child wants to do. Email for pricing and availability. No skateboard, no helmet, no pads, no problem. We can provide equipment for your trial only free of charge. Make sure to email us that you need equipment at least 72 hours ahead of time. If they enjoyed the lesson, get a package for her/him to safely learn the basics.

What days and times are the lessons held?

The available times to take skateboarding lessons depend on the location. Private lessons are on a first come first serve basis. Group lessons can be organized for your group. Email us for more info at

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards for lessons. All payments will need to be accepted at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson. 

How often should my child skate?

It varies child by child, but we reccomend the regiment of #skateeverydamnday!