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1. Are the kids going to be skateboarding all day?

Yes, we are a specialized skateboarding camp that focuses on increasing the campers skateboard skill. Students will skate and do skateboarding related activities. Students can take water and snack breaks as needed. There are break times every hour. We have shaded areas for resting.

2. Do I need pads, helmet, and wrist guards?

All protective gear (helmet, wrist guard, knee and elbow pads) is mandatory to participate in camp. A mouthguard is optional.

3. Do you have equipment for purchase?

Skateboards, pads, helmets, and merchandise are for purchase and displayed at our online store The equipment can be delivered to you the first day of camp. Please purchase at least 72 hours ahead of time at our STORE.

4. If my child doesn’t have the skateboard equipment, can you provide it?

No rental equipment is available at the moment. We only have skateboard equipment for purchase.

5. Can I use a penny board?

A penny board would not be safe for camp use. We recommend all students have a two-tailed skateboard with grip tape. There are certain obstacles that will be very challenging to skateboard using a penny board. We recommended purchase a skateboard from our online store for ease and convenience.


6. Is the camp good for beginners?

Absolutely! Our camp is geared for all levels. THE SKATESDIE is the BEST place to send your new or beginner skaters.

7. What age should my child start skateboarding camp?

THE SKATESIDE campers age varies from 5-15 years old. 

8. Do you provide snacks/lunch?

The parents provide snacks and/or lunches.

9. Can my child participate only a few days of camp for a prorated registration fee?

Although we would like for students to attend all days of camp, we still accept students that can only participate a few days per week as they will still receive a lot of skating hours. There are NO daily rates offered/ NO pro-rating days to future weeks or transferring/pro-rating days to alternate students. 

10. Can someone else pick up my child?

Please give our counselor names of designated people that will pick up your child. No last minute calls, emails only please.

11. What happens when it rains?

In the chance of rain, parents will be contacted 1 hour before came begins to cancel class. If rain occurs during camp, students will be taken to a covered area, parents will be called to pick up students early. 

12. What is the staff to student ratio?

The staff to student ratio is 10 students for every 1 coach. Campers will be split into groups based on skill level.

13. My chid is new to skateboarding but is really good at kneeboarding. Will they be able to push by the end of camp?

Students learn at different paces. It is normal for beginners to skate using their knees, but at the skatepark it is very dangerous as other users of the park may not be able to see a knee boarder. Knee boarding and bum boarding are not allowed during camp for safety reasons.  Students that are active and eager to learn in camp, generally learn how to use the skateboard for transportation by the end of camp.

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